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Deploy your website on a domain that is unique and appealing for your buiness. Easy Domain Names are easy to remember , both for your customers and members of your business. So get a domain name registered for your business using our TLDs like .com, .in,,.net,.org etc. with one of our hosting products alongwith free data migration included.

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TLD Min. Years Register Transfer Renew
.com 1 Rs.599.00 Rs.450.00 Rs.380.00
.in 1 Rs.390.00 Rs.499.00 Rs.299.00
.net 1 Rs.380.00 Rs.360.00 Rs.350.00
.org 1 Rs.380.00 Rs.399.00 Rs.280.00
.biz 1 Rs.349.00 Rs.599.00 Rs.349.00 1 Rs.290.00 Rs.599.00 Rs.299.00
.asia 1 Rs.290.00 Rs.699.00 Rs.299.00 1 Rs.290.00 Rs.599.00 Rs.299.00
.info 1 Rs.449.00 Rs.749.00 Rs.449.00
.us 1 Rs.549.00 Rs.799.00 Rs.599.00 1 Rs.549.00 Rs.749.00 Rs.749.00 1 Rs.290.00 Rs.749.00 Rs.749.00
.co 1 Rs.749.00 Rs.1790.00 Rs.1790.00
.me 1 Rs.590.00 Rs.1690.00 Rs.1690.00
.tv 1 Rs.1790.00 Rs.1790.00 Rs.1790.00
.mobi 1 Rs.1190.00 Rs.1190.00 Rs.1190.00
.tel 1 Rs.990.00 Rs.990.00 Rs.990.00
.ca 1 Rs.649.00 Rs.849.00 Rs.849.00
.eu 1 Rs.290.00 Rs.699.00 Rs.699.00
  • ★ These above prices are current prices. If any changes in above prices will be done, you will be informed by an Email before making any price change.
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